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Tools you Can't Buy in America .

Matt Risinger and Jordan Smith take us through the Bau Show in Munich, Germany to explore some of the coolest tools that people haven't even heard of in the United States. Ever feel like those mechanical saws you're using are just too bulky? Plenty of cabinet installers feel a need for a smaller saw for their work in order to get into small spots. Turns out there's a fine detailing handheld saw that may be the answer. What about a smart drill? Metabo Drills spin to the left until they sense resistance, then they spin the opposite way. There are also plenty of different plug-in tools, specifically cutters, that are specialized in cutting through some of the toughest materials. Other products you'll encounter Bosch XLock, Max PowerLite, and Festool insulation cutters. From drill bits to grinders, you're going to want to see some of these tools.

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