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Timbor Termite PreTreatment

Timbor Termite PreTreatment .

In Texas you must address the coming onslaught of Termites. In this remodel, you can see how to use natural Boric Acid to repel these tenacious house destroying insects. But how do you know if you have termite damage? Matt Risinger, master builder, asks termite an expert, Joel, to explain termite damage and the greatest risk areas for termites. This video shows a remodel of a home built in the 40s, so much of the original framework suffered significant termite damage. Consider the consequences of any preventative measures you take against termites. Joel shows a product, Tim-bor Professional, which includes borates, a naturally occurring mineral, which is toxic to termites and other insects. The Tim-bor Professional product suspends borates (boric acid) in liquid form, and the product soaks into the wood to provide long-lasting protection from termites. Remember that for this treatment to be effective, it needs to stay dry. Risinger explains that they will apply the Tim-bor Professional product right before the spray foam insulation. Termites may not be on your mind as an immediate threat, but they will come! Check out the full video to learn more about termite pre-treatment and prevention.

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