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The Rotting Wood Experiment

The Rotting Wood Experiment .

 If you remember a few weeks ago, Wade Paquin was at the Jutras facility looking at the seasonal movement of wood expermiment conducted by the company, now he's on site in what they call the veneer room.

The Jutras team buried various species of wood in the backyard where they withstood all of the New England elements. After some lumber salesman were touting the great properties of heat treated poplar, Jutras decided to put it to the test in this little experiment. Spoiler alert: the heat treated poplar did not stand up well to the elements. Learn more about which types of wood the bugs really liked. Butternut, Maple, and Hickory did not perform well, but Cypress, Ipe, Mohagony, and some Cedar did, as many seasoned builders would expect.