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The Perfect Wall w/ Carlisle CCW 705 Peel & Stick Housewrap

It's never too late to learn something new. That's exactly what Master Builder Matt Risinger does, You can watch and learn alongside Risinger as he introduces Joe Lstiburek's "The Perfect Wall." Why is it called "The Perfect Wall?" Maybe it's because you can use this system in any climate—from Alaska to South Texas, California to New York.You will see a new build house that is in the process of being wrapped in Carlisle CCW 705 Peel and Stick Housewrap and the roof covered in Carlisle WIP 300HT. Here's the catch the insulation exists only on the outside of the home. Everything on the inside, including the framing, is protected from the elements. That means all of the water proofing, air sealing, and insulation is along the outside of the house. Check out the full video to see how all of the products come together to form "The Perfect Wall" and, possibly, the perfect house.