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Termimesh Termite Control - Risinger Goes Rogue

Termimesh Termite Control - Risinger Goes Rogue .

Keeping termites out usually means dumping tons of chemicals on the perimeter of the foundation of a house. In this video, Matt Risinger discusses an alternative. Not a huge fan of the chemical-dumping scenario, Risinger cites proximity to the water table and the eventual chemical leaching that will lessen protection as good reasons why chemicals should not be the answer. A preferable method is to install Termimesh. Termites are able to work their way into nearly every crack in a concrete slab. Areas encased in walls are especially vulnerable as the damage they cause is hidden. Termimesh is a stainless-steel mesh that wraps around pipes. The mesh has such fine holes in it, a termite's body cannot physically fit through. When concrete is poured, the Termimesh actually embeds into the concrete. Should the concrete crack around a pipe, termites that tunnel their way in will hit the mesh and not be able to make it through. The barrier should last for the life of the house. Remembed Always conduct an annual termite inspection, as they are fully capable of tunneling around the outside of the house. Also, always leave at least 8" of exposed concrete on the outside to be able to see termite activity.

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