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Hardware Selection Makes Light Work of Heavy Doors

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Doors close, slam, squeak, and stick, with heavy and specialty doors potentially posing a greater problem. Specialty doors, such as hidden, handicap-access, tall doors for high ceilings, and glider doors, require greater caution when selecting heavy-duty hardware that matches the size, weight, thickness, and use of the door in question.

For these doors, using adjustable hardware, for example, allows greater flexibility and less maintenance. With regular hardware, the wooden door settles, rubs the floor, sticks to the jamb, hinges loosen, or the door no longer locks well.

When selecting hardware for specialty doors to alleviate these issues, it is important to begin by calculating door weight. With an accurate weight, you can begin to select those pieces of hardware that are up for the task and that will minimize major adjustments or even failure.  

Following are examples of heavy door hinges, latches, handles, stoppers, and dampers that are designed for challenging specialty doors:

Specialty door hinge choice is critical when the door is oversized and heavy.  Sugatsune heavy door hinges include heavy-duty flag hinges, stainless steel durable lift hinges designed to hold up to 220 lbs. per pair of hinges, and heavy-duty flag hinges, and a lift-off door hinge that offers a maximum load capacity of 1,080 lbs. per pair. The lift hinge is guaranteed for durability.

The ML-ZN80 metal magnetic touch latch makes use of a metal body for high durability and is used on large doors due to its strong push force. The magnet element features a 1.5-degree allowance on each side to catch the strike plate correctly and allow for magnet adjustment even when a slight misalignment occurs.

The design hides the screws for the mounting plate. The plastic element is flame resistant and compliant with the UL94V-0 standard.

Instead of a push design, the Sugatsune HH-UD recessed pull features grips on both sides that allow the door to be pulled in either direction. The pull is SEMI-compliant in a large size (SEMI S8-0915), and there’s also a mini size for wherever that is more appropriate.  

Another easy-to-maneuver door handle is the DSI-2000 stainless steel door handle. Sleek and narrow, it is a long handle that provides good heavy-door leverage. This handle is used with a DKT-4 mounting kit that provides back-to-back mounting,

Even sturdy and solid doors can close softly. With the Sugatsune LDD-V100 door damper for heavy doors, doors that are up to220 lbs. are easy to maneuver. With a damper hidden in the door, the system can be adjusted based on door weight after installation.

The Sugatsune damper has successfully passed a 100,000 open/close private cycle test—so it will last in your home for years to come.

Handles, pulls, and dampers are great for opening and closing, but Sugatsune DSD and ZL-18021 door stoppers include floor and wall versions to do the job. Engineered to function easily when directly stepped on; applying force locks and unlocks the stopper.  

There are many ways to handle the weight and size of a specialty door. Doing so, however, to prevent unwarranted and frustrating adjustments and even replacements over the life of the door, is an important money-saving investment.

Hardware selection depends on the weight and purpose of the door. Choosing the strongest designs and materials that support your door and its use is a top priority; products that include warranties and when appropriate, test results, will yield the best results. Ultimately there is no substitute for high-quality hardware that makes light work of your heavy-duty door requirements.