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Steel Handrail HOW TO - Part I

Steel Handrail HOW TO - Part I .

Looking to build a state of the art handrail? Jordan Smith is teaching us everything we need to know about doing so. One of the most common details he finds he's asked to build is one of these steel railings because of their crisp and clear lines. Smith defines all the details, from measurements, to materials, to drawings. He'll teach us how to make the cuts on materials and even how to install. Cold-rolled versus hot-rolled steel. What's the difference? Cold-rolled steel makes cleaner edges and straighter geometries. It's great for a longer design. Hot-rolled steel is rolled at about 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit and creates slight variations in thickness and straightness. It's also the less expensive option. In this video, Smith will be working with hot-rolled steel. Need help reading drawings? Smith has you covered. Maybe you're handy and can work the equipment but knowing how to read the drawings and find the measurements is key to success. This easy-to-follow video is perfect for all experience levels, even the earliest level builders can craft a state-of-the-art handrail. Remember this is part one of the handrail DIY.

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