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Sound Proofing - Quiet Rock Review & Why use 5/8" Sheetrock .

Matt Risinger is a pro when it comes to using and reviewing some of the best home soundproofing strategies. Usually we hear a lot about spray foam and putty as a means to block out some noise, specifically around outlets. But Risinger discusses a different approach, with the use of Quiet Rock. This home has a children's bedroom that shares a wall with the master bedroom, and the parents wanted to ensure the kids wouldn't wake up from any noise. Using 5/8 thick drywall," as opposed to 1/2" thick drywall might be the answer. The idea is that a thicker wall will absorb sound and prevent it from traveling through. In addition", Quiet Rock is a combined drywall and cement product that really assists with eliminating 6 times as much noise as a regular drywall would've. Tune into the full video to learn more about structural soundproofing tips to consider and some products that might give your home the extra quiet you're hoping for.

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