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Sealing Framing to Foundation

Sealing Framing to Foundation .

Each home has a critical joint between the foundation and the framing where it is super essential to air seal that as tightly as you can so you can prevent the plywood from rotting in the future. Matt Risinger takes through some of the essential steps to take and products to use to do this as efficiently as possible. It's pretty easy to use a fluid applied flashing device, the angled tip is allowing for you to access the bottom of the plywood and all of the nooks you may encounter while attempting to air seal. It cures with moisture, and air seals this critical joint for a solid air barrier. Risinger advices you to overhang over the concrete and foundation by a few inches, creating a rubberized base coat for the home and sets the stage to overlap for a moisture barrier later on. Tune in to the full video to learn the ins and outs of sealing your framing.

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