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Safety Meetings- How to .

Jobsite safety is of course extremely important when you're building or remodeling homes. In this video, Matt Risinger talks about the importance of a daily safety meeting, gives a glimpse into how he conducts his meetings, and talks about why they're important. He covers four main reasons he conducts these meetings, such as discussing repetitive tasks coming up and jobs that can take many hours to complete. Doing the same thing for a long time can cause you to become careless or complacent, so safety meetings talk about that and how to prevent it. He discloses his preferred time of day for meetings, and that the meetings are mandatory—why? Everyone wants to go home safe and sound at the end of each day, and these meetings can help map out what challenges lie ahead for the day and address concerns before they happen. This builds camaraderie and a strong team who looks out for each other. Watch the video to learn his other tips and goals in conducting regular safety meetings on the jobsite.

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