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A rafter tie aka hurricane tie, provides a direct connection between the roof rafter and the wall framing. It forms part of a continuous load path to resist wind and seismic forces. In this episode, Wade discusses the importance of following the correct installation guidelines for the various hurricane ties.  He explains how it's very common to see a tie on the interior of a wall assembly connecting the rafter to the top plate and the only form of a connection from the top plate-to-stud is via sheathing.  This type of connection dramatically reduces uplift resistance and can result in a top plate roll.  Wade explains how in this scenario the top plate can rotate and separate from the studs. To avoid that scenario Wade prefers to use a @Simpson Strong Tie H2A which connects all three members: rafter / top plate / stud, which provides the best resistance to uplift and eliminates a separate (second) top plate-to-stud connection. 
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