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Rafter Tails - How to Frame

Rafter Tails - How to Frame .

In this video, Matt Risinger shows us how to frame rafter tails, which is a detail many architects are including right now. Remember, a rafter tail is the exposed extension of the rafters the form the base for the roof.As you can see, the rafters in this video add an artful extension to the roof and show off the craftsmanship of the builders. Since the rafter tails will be exposed, they opted to sister Douglas Fir tails to the standard rafters. The rafter tails need to have 2/3 of the board connected to the roof and only 1/3 exposed. You don't want a future roofer to fall off the roof due to a loose rafter tail.These rafter tails give a traditionally framed house a timber frame look. Tune into the full video to see the beautiful details on these rafter tails.

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