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Radiant Barrier Paint - Sherwin Williams E Barrier .

How do you increase energy efficiency when remodeling a home? One option is to add a radiant barrier to the roof. In this video, we'll see how Master Builder Matt Risinger makes that change. He prefers spray foam insulation in the peak of the attic as opposed to traditional insulation. However, by switching to a spray foam insulation, you have to replace the HVAC equipment. Why, you ask? When using spray foam insulation, you'll need to use power-vented equipment instead of atmospheric vented equipment.The home in this video had relatively new AC units, so the team had to get creative to make it energy efficient without changing the insulation type.That's where the Sherwin Williams E-Barrier paint comes in to play. This product is a radiant barrier paint that helps reduce the heat in the attic. Just like you learned in physics, the silver coating repels radiant heat.While the most efficient choice would be to re-insulate the attic with spray foam insulation," the combination of sealants and radiant barrier paint provide a cheaper alternative. Watch the full video to hear more of the strategies Risinger uses to develop a high-performance home.

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