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Pier & Beam Foundation

Pier & Beam Foundation .

Why choose a pier and beam foundation for your home? Matt Risinger reminds us of this fact if we do our foundation right, our home is already off to a good start and capable of more longevity. Sometimes people forget that the texture and integrity of what they are building on can vary, and really impact decision making for foundations. It's important to consider the soil underneath because that can really affect the foundation over time as it can move since the rock can sometimes be 20 feet below the house. A pier and beam foundation is an alternative to traditional slab. Slab is a less expensive option that can be built swiftly, but pier and beam foundations are still abundant in areas that are prone to flooding due to their elevated structure. Is a pier and beam foundation better for houses in the south? What should you consider before choosing? In addition to protection from flooding, the pier and beam foundation provides a crawl space that makes utility access and potential repair simpler. But there are plenty of disadvantages, as well. Watch the full video to learn more about which foundation is better for your house.

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