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PEX Manifold System - Pros and Cons + Tour .

In this video, Matt Risinger is all about plumbing. Risinger takes us through the specifics of a plumbing manifold system. This system is functions similarly to an electrical system, in which each pipe distributes water to a different area of the home. Picture it like a breaker system. There is cold water on one side, and hot on the other. You can manually turn off just one area of the home with an easy switch. For example, if the master bathroom has a leak you can turn off the water flow to that area. This is a topic many people aren't familiar with, so Risinger reviews the pros and cons to ensure you consider if this system is really right for your home. He also shows us how the water softener integrates as well as reviews the pros and cons of this Viega system. Watch the full video to learn more about how this manifold system works.

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