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Passive House Wall .

"R-80 WALL?...... When you're designing an 800 square foot Passive House, you have to up the ante. In this video, we visit a past project where we developed a wall assembly that had an R-80 insulation package. It is certainly above the normal, and maybe even on the brink of crazy, but we were still learning about Passive House, and since, the calculations have refined a bit to where this would not be the requirement today. Regardless, we did it!!! So join Big Red and myself as we review the wall detail for this project and lay out the solution to our design. We review the building science of placing the air barrier in the center of the wall and providing drying in both directions. We talk about the materials selected, and more importantly, why they were selected. So give it a watch, and let me know if you have any questions…….Happy New Year!"

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