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One Day Floating Stairs Install - Guess How Much These Cost!

Floating stairs are pretty trendy right now in new homes, allowing for a modern look and simple home décor. Matt Risinger takes us on the road to Chicago, IL where he breaks down a beautiful floating stair case installation from start to finish, railings included, in only one day. This company pretty much just requires that you provide the height of the stair case needed and the dimensions, and after 3 weeks the send a fully finished product. Risinger says that this is convenient for several reasons, but one of the main reasons is that you don't need several experts on site, for instance welders amongst others. In addition, the act of setting up the stairs is something like an assembly project, there's no building on site and everything is provided exactly how it needs to be installed. The best part is that this only takes 5-6 hours for a perfectly assembled and finished floating stair case. Watch the full video and learn more!