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NEW ROOFING PRODUCTS 2019 - This Show Had Some Surprisingly Cool Stuff!

Matt Risinger is on the road again, coming to us from Nashville, TN at the International Roofing Expo. Turns out there are plenty of exciting and new roof install tools, new roofing materials, and more efficient materials that can totally revolutionize roof building. Take a look at some new, and really interesting things in the roofing industry. The stinger booth presents some pretty cool fastener tools for roofing, exterior rigid foam, or house wrap. No jams, no roofing problems. Tools like this are huge for building efficiency and ease of installation. Adhesive foam for connecting different roofing layers for commercial buildings, water proof and easy to apply roof sealants, porcelain tile roofing," and polymer roofing are all displayed from some of the coolest companies with the most cutting edge roofing technology. Watch the full video for the inside scoop on some of the best roof products in 2019.