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MOLD BASICS for Builders with Expert Peter Yost .

When building a house, what is it that builders should always do to mitigate any possible mold? In this video, Matt Risinger talks with expert, Peter Yost on what everyone should know, and do. Mold growth is dependent on three things, the right temperature, food and the existence of water. Ubiquitous in nature, mold spores are no more than little airborne seeds that are waiting for the three conditions in order to grow.In this video, Yost explains that realistically, the only thing that can be managed out of the three, is moisture. When moisture is managed, it isn't just mold spores that are prevented from growing, dust mites are also taken care of.Yost and Risinger discuss what moisture percentages within a building are high enough to create a mold problem," as well as how do you eliminate the mold once it grows? Yost's opinion is that moisture and energy should be managed with equal intensity to really take care of the problem. Check out the video to grasp the basics and then learn how to take advantage of Yost's knowledge on the topic on an ongoing basis.

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