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Matts Favorite Metal Roofing System

Matt Risinger loves metal roofing. In this video, he offers a few reasons why he loves them and shows off his favorite system. Why does Risinger love metal? It's ultra-durable; the metal roofs he uses are hail-resistant, have a 50 to 75 year lifespan, and the steel is completely recyclable (when you decide to remove it 50 to 75 years down the road).In this video, Risinger shows off a roof he's building with panels from Central Texas Metal Roof Supply. The panel in this video is a snap and seal, which is great for quick and easy installation. However, it's not perfectly waterproof, so he also shows you his additional waterproofing precautions.He installs Cor-A-Vent, corrugated plastic piece that allows airflow beneath the metal. Also, the wood battens under the metal are skip-sheathed, which allows air to run all the way beneath the metal. As an added bonus, the metal roof creates a radiant barrier, especially if you use a lighter roof," which improves the efficiency of your home.Check out the full video to learn more about why Risinger loves metal roofs.