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Matt Risinger Youtube Channel Intro Video

Matt Risinger Youtube Channel Intro Video .

Want to stay up-to-date on building trends, new products and best practices? Responding to the lack of adequate building information that is accessible in one place, Matt Risinger, master builder and owner of Risinger Homes in Austin, Texas announced his YouTube Channel subscription to fill the gap. Risinger will be releasing videos weekly that cover the building science involved in a variety of topics. From electrical and lighting, to exteriors, floors, hardware, waterproofing, smart homes and much more, Risinger will provide meaningful tips and tricks and experiences that will help building professionals and home renovators. Videos will also cover new products with product reviews. When possible, Risinger interviews well-respected experts within the building industry to provide even greater information access to viewers.Although Risinger is located in Austin, Texas, the videos are useful throughout the United States and address a variety of environments, climates and challenges. Make sure you say up to date so that you can do the best work possible for your clients and on your own projects. Watch the video and subscribe!