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Marvin's Next Generation Ultimate Double Hung - Window Review .

In this video, master builder Matt Risinger reviews a Marvin Next Generation Ultimate Double Hung Window. Risinger says that this window has features that he had never seen before. As a brand, Marvin has a wide range of windows and door styles. So, with the 60's house that is shown in the video, that would have had single-pane windows, it was very easy to find a style that would look like an original, rather than a double-hung replacement window. Marvin also has great energy efficiency. Looking at the label, the U-Value, which indicates how insulated they are, is .29 and a solar heat coefficient of 0.20, which means that 80% of the sun's rays do not penetrate the window. Both numbers are extremely competitive. The build quality is another feature of the windows. The window is a wood window, but on the outside, there is an aluminum cladding that comes factory painted in several color choices, eliminating the need to repaint at the job site," or to worry about rot. It also self-latches when closed. These Marvin double-hung windows are ideal for most applications. Check out the video and prepare to be impressed.

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