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Mark LaLiberte Interview - Risinger Goes Rogue .

Matt Risinger speaks with Mark LaLiberte at the Annual Westford Symposium on Building Science Nerd Camp about the latest trends in building science. LaLiberte believes we're still dealing with some of the fundamentals in the building science world, like managing water on the exterior to the interior, which leads to challenges with mold and durability of buildings. Once these issues are squared away, builders can move on to improved thermal enclosures. LaLiberte discusses how to prevent mold before it has a chance to grow, like keeping the wall cavity above temperature so mold doesn't have a chance to form and ensuring that the flashing details are top notch. At the end of the day," managing the fundamentals will solve any potential issues of mold growth. LaLiberte goes into detail about why the best insulation is simply "more" and shares his take on whether spray foam is as great (or as terrible) as many people are saying it is. He thinks spray foam has its place in some cases", it is great to use. In others, it doesn't perform as well as it's needed. At the end of the day, foam is complicated process and requires a high level of training.

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