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Makeup Air For A Wolf Pro Range Wall Hood .

Are you an aspiring chef? Do you want a commercial-style gas range installed in your kitchen? Are you building a home for foodies? When installing these large ranges, you have to consider how you're going to provide enough air to vent the range properly.Most manufacturers require a hood that runs 600+ CFMs of exhaust out of the house. Master Builder Matt Risinger explains the importance of providing a source for makeup air when installing such a powerful hood. When building "airtight" homes, there just won't be enough air inside of the house for the vent to use, so you have to provide an external air source.You can see the electronic damper and rigid, metal ductwork used in this 1940s remodel to provide an air source for the high-powered hood. Of course, bringing in outside air defeats the purpose of building nearly airtight homes, but it is necessary for a commercial-style gas range like this one. Check out the video to learn more.

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