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Lever Action Windows? .

Are you ready for the coolest windows you've ever seen? In this video, you can see lever action windows in an 1880s remodel with a modern addition on the back. Along with Hugh Jefferson Randolph architects, Matt Risinger shows off the newest feature of the remodel.The lever action windows required some planning to design and build a final product that looked awesome, was easy to open, and served the purpose of a window. Each window panel weighs about 900 lbs., which means some engineering had to go into creating a functional window. Risinger, the designers, and engineers at Drop House Designs added a 400 lb. counter weight to the top of the window panel. The combination of the counterweight and a spring-loaded lever allows you to open the windows with only about 15 lbs. of pressure. You'll have to check out the full video to see these windows in action.

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