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LED Recessed Bulb Review - CREE CR6

Join Matt Risinger, master builder, as he discusses LED recessed bulbs with Eric MacInerney of Heimsath Architects. Together, they extensively researched LED recessed bulbs, and landed on the CREE CR6 because of both its energy efficiency and function.You will see that these LED bulbs have great light and color, and they dim easily. Want the specs on this specific bulb? It is a 12W fixture (similar to 60-75W on an incandescent bulb), 800 lumens, dimmable to 5%, and has a 50,000 hour lifespan.Risinger and MacInerney note that this CREE product does an especially good job at diffusing light, which is not typical of LED lights. The CREE LED bulbs are slightly pricier than a bulb you could get at a big box store, but they look better and last longer. Check out the video to see the bulbs and find out how long they have lasted so far.