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We can never stop educating ourselves, an those around us. I am a BIG FAN of education!! It works both ways too. Certainly getting knowledge is a good thing, but sharing may be better. When you share, you lift someone else’s boat, but in doing so, you are forced to think a little deeper on the topic to develop the perfect explanation and in turn it provides you a better understanding. This week I visit the High Performance Building Academy at Siga North America. Siga provides exceptional tapes, flashings, and weather resistive barriers. But it goes far beyond just a company selling good stuff. Siga is a company that tows the line, they want to see better buildings get built. This effort is beyond the salesperson. This type of effort makes me a better Architect. Siga’s academy provides a place for learning, for doing, and for discussing. Check out the video as we tour the facility and chat with a couple key players of Siga here in North America…..Enjoy the video my friends.

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