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Home Is THIS the future of Construction?
What's the future of construction? Here is a hint. In this video, Matt Risinger, master builder, tours a high-performance pre-fab house built with Ford technology while looking at the Ford F-150 that integrates to the home's technology and helps builders do their job. The home is a bellwether as to what will be happening in future houses. The prefab house, which is very different than a mobile home or a factory-built house. It has three modules, a full foundation, 20' concrete piers, so it's a pier and beam foundation. 80% of the construction of the home happens in the factory, only 20% on site, making cycle times fast. They did all of the wall sections in the factory in a month and concurrently the foundation was worked on. It took only 10 weeks, start to finish. This may be the home of the future with fast cycle times as fewer people are coming into the trades. The technology of the house is amazing. The first thing noticed is the array that's on top of the carport. This is a 4.5 KW system integrated into the translucent solar panels that will feed power to the house during the day. At night, the house can be run from a battery. There's an LG 9.8 KW/hr. lithium ion battery in the shed near the carport charged by the solar panels during the day and should the grid go down, it would power the entire house. The technology inside the house. First the media systems—the AV system is incredible. Everything is tied together with an iPad. There's all of the audio, video, TV, everything is run by the iPad and is also available via Amazon's Alexa system. Driving home in the Ford truck, Alexa can be told to turn on the lights, get the house into party mode, turn on the oven, and more.In the truck, Risinger goes over such features as the Alexa integration, there's a Waze app and builder-specific features include the ability to plug in a laptop for use on the job, Wi-Fi is built into the truck, the liftgate on the back is opened with the click of a button on a remote and pull-out steps that make it easy to enter the bed, and the technology list goes on. Check out the video to see how the house and the truck give a great view of trends in construction.

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