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Interview with Martin Holladay - Risinger Goes Rogue .

Matt Risinger interviews Martin Holladay of Green Building Advisor about best practices and the next generation of architects and builders at Building Science Summer Camp. They cover how environmental concerns in general are driving renewed interest in green homebuilding and getting more people studying building science with an environmental focus. Martin talks about some of the alarming and frequent concerns he hears in home building across the country indicating shoddy, careless and undereducated workmanship with housing disasters and a race-to-the-bottom low price system that's driving sloppily built houses. They also discuss different types of exterior rigid foam and which is best to use and why, including why you shouldn't use polyiso if you live in a colder climate unless it's sandwiched in between other types. Finally, Holladay and Risinger touch on fluid-applied systems, foam and housewrap depending on the type of windows.

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