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Insulation and Piping Ever Never Seen Before

Matt Risinger is on tour in British Columbia for a week.

In this video, Matt visitis long-term Build Show fan, Stu with Blackfish Homes to see what he's working on.

First, we'll take a peek at the exterior insulation by Halo (it's graphite-infused and has a shield on it) that's great for thermal barriers. We'll see the forming lumber upon front-door entry. And we'll check out how they warm jobsites in cold climates like Vancouver (also great for keeping paint and caulk from freezing). We'll explore some lighting varieties being used while working on the site. Matt notices a big difference in the mechanicals than what he's used to down in Texas, in terms of heating and cooling. This home will also be equipped with concrete slab with piping underneath.

"What's that grey pipe up there?" There are a lot of cool things that Matt doesn't see back at home. 

Check out the secret system Stu uses in the basement to attach his Halo Interra insulation.

There's plenty to explore on this jobsite up North.