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On this episode, Wade discusses an inexpensive solution to increasing the R-Value of window and door headers while providing a thermal break. Wade orders prefabricated insulated headers for his builds from his lumber supplier who can make them to specific sizes. The headers are made from conventional 2-bys with fully adhered EPS (expanded polystyrene) rigid foam between the 2-bys. There are several ways to insulate a header but this is a great upgrade to using an all wood header.  On this 3,000sf build the added cost is only about $250 to upgrade the headers to insulated headers. By doing so, the R-Value of the header for a 2x6 wall increases to about an R15 to 16 versus a non-insulated header at about an R6 or 7.  This simple upgrade provides great performance at a very affordable price.Looking to Build or Renovate in the Rhode Island area?
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