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Insulated Studs A Big Innovation in Framing

Insulated Studs A Big Innovation in Framing .

Matt Risinger teaches us about a brand new type of framing in this video. Standard, traditional lumber is very strong but about 25% of our home ends up being wood, which isn't great for insulation purposes. The T stud can actually replace a 2x6 as it is four times stronger. Here we'll get a close-up of this unique product, with a 2x3 on both sides connected with dowels, and then closed-cell spray foam in between. It fills the cavity, so there's no need for exterior insulation. He shows us a whole house framed with T studs and describes the details of how they are produced and integrated into the house's frame. Risinger also demonstrates how these T studs can be used to make an insulated structural header over windows and patio doors. These T studs lead to fewer callbacks due to their stability. We'll also hear from the creator of the product for a deeper look at how it's built and rated, and best practices for usage. Go to https://www.tstud.com to learn more about this product, or follow them on Instagram at TSTUD Instagram https://www.instagram.com/thetstud/.

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