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Insulated Concrete Slab Foundation

Insulated Concrete Slab Foundation .

Have you ever wondered about the effects of insulating your concrete slab foundation? Master Builder Matt Risinger shows the journey of a new construction house in Central Texas. Matt explains why they added insulation 2.5" of R-11 Bora Foam. But why? In order to build a high-performance house", you have to evaluate every aspect of the house to make sure you're adding to the efficiency, not detracting. That starts with the very beginning of every home the foundation.See a home with a concrete slab over four feet above ground, which could collect a lot of ambient heat if not insulated correctly. You might notice the team gluing the foam to concrete slab; this is only a temporary measure because they will add a protection board, Termimesh termite protection, and stucco on top of the insulation foam.If you're curious about the Termimesh and how it works, you're in the right place. Risinger and Joel from TermiStop explain how the Termimesh works and why it keeps the dreaded termites at bay. Check out the complete video to learn the what, the how, and the why of an insulated concrete slab foundation!

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