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Installing a Steel Roof with a Crane on a Barge - Boat Dock Update 2

Time to button up the boat dock project with a roof. In this video, Jordan Smith walks us through putting the top plate on the roof of our boat dock. Time to load the plate at the ramp on the east side of the lake, using a friend's equipment to load the plate onto the barge to bring it over. Next, they'll lift it up and put it in place and it will be welded. The complete structure will be primed, even though it's on the inside of the roof. There will be welds around the entire structure, sealing it up so that if there was ever a leak in the future, the water would not come into the roof and become rusty. The bottom plate is painted. The fixture is built from wood and all the wood framing is going away, it will be completely steel when finished. A pre-cut quarter-inch steel plate was added and is hidden from view. It will look like one piece of steel. All seams are hidden by the beam, so it needed to be long enough, hence the pre-cutting. All of the holes were also pre-cut, and small lights will go into the perforations. All electrical is in place and the top plate is primed on the bottom. A quick trip below shows where exterior-grade cabinets will be mounted. A motorized door that matches the exterior stainless-steel panels will open and close with the touch of a button. All five plates are now up on top and it all fits perfectly. There's a straight line all the way down the roof. Once painted it will look amazing.