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Induction Cooktops - 5 Reasons they are Better than Gas .

Choosing the right kitchen appliances and products is an important decision because there are many factors to consider, including efficiency, needs, and cost. In this video, Matt Risinger discusses why he thinks induction cooktops are the way to go. Risinger installs these in about 50% of the homes he works on, but he's shocked that it's not all of them considering how much his customers love cooking with induction. Why? First, they heat up 50% faster than gas, and the heat is actually going into the pot. With gas burners, most of the heat is going into your kitchen and not the pots you are trying to cook with. Second, induction cooktops are much safer. Third, surprisingly, they're about the same cost or less than a gas stove. Watch the video for more reasons Risinger encourages all to get a demo of these cooktops to see what's so great. Special thanks to Harway Appliances in Austin, TX http://www.harwayappliances.com

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