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If You Design or Build Commercial Buildings, WATCH THIS. .

Master Builder Matt Risinger tours the USG (United States Gypsum) Plant in Jacksonville, Florida to look at their commercial Air and Water Barrier called Securock® ExoAir® 430 Air Barrier System. Here we see two popular, proven products already in use within the commercial building industry that have been combined at the factory level for easy use and installation. The membrane of the panel is applied uniformly at the factory in a way that could never be achieved on a jobsite, where spraying or rolling the membrane can produce pinpoint defects, blisters, and thin spots that can eventually lead to water leaks. By using a multi-layer process, the engineers were able to ensure that the finished product has a completely continuous membrane on the panel. Watch the quality assurance and quality control processes that are in place at the plant to guarantee uniformity before it reaches your jobsite. Check out the video to see this high-tech and climate controlled process.

field plant membrane applied usg