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IBS VLOG DAY 2 - PolyWall "Blue Barrier" with Ez and back to Orlando!

What happens when you mix building and chemistry? In this video, Matt Risinger describes fluid weather barriers and their use. It was actually a chemist that came up with the formula for the first fluid weather barriers. Water intrusion is the enemy of every kind of construction. Drury Inn in Fort Myers, for example, builds their own projects and wanted a product to prevent water intrusion that would last. They used insulated concrete forms (ICF) and spent money on window flashings. There aren't a lot of tapes that will stick to the ICF so many properties get it wrong, resulting in air leaks and serious mold problems. A solution, however, is PolyWall Blue Barrier, an all-purpose, fluid-applied flashing used to create a weather resistant, fully adhered waterproof barrier system around window and door installations.