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IBS 2016 - Sugatsune - New Hardware Architects will Love! .

Sugatsune is one of Matt Risinger's favorite hardware brands. In this video, he stops by their booth at IBS 2016 in Las Vegas to see some of their cool new products. The video shows their sliding door media system, some heavy hinge doors, and one of Risinger's favorites, their soft-close sliding door system (pocket doors). The Sugatsune rep also demonstrates how their sliding door latch system works, including a visual aid when you're inside to quickly glance at the door to know whether it's open or closed. Lastly, he shows us their cool, soft close bartop so nobody gets their hands damaged by the bar coming down. Sugatsune has an 800 number available for customer support throughout the U.S. (800-562-5267), or you can go to www.Sugatsune.com to view their products and read more about the company. If you are an architect, builder, remodeler, interior designer, or simply just a hardware geek like Risinger, you'll want to check their products out.

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