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IBS 2016 - OSI - 15 year window guarantee using their method .

We join Matt Risinger at 2016 International Builders' Show (IBS) where he's at the OSI product booth, talking house wraps, weatherization, and windows. He and the OSI rep discuss how to get OSI Certified Training—a 16-module installation training program that includes certification at the end. With this training, as a certified installer, you get a 15-year warranty and money in your pocket if anything were to go wrong with the windows you installed using their method, regardless of the manufacturer of the windows. Installation is extremely important—98% of leaking windows are due to the installation method, not the window, so OSI has created this program to make sure people are doing it the right way, eliminating callbacks and problems like leaks and escaping air. Check out the video to see some of the tips and tricks they include in the training, and find out about becoming a certified installer by going to their website at www.ositough.com.

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