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IBS 2016 - Marvin's Newest Contemporary Windows & Doors .

Dive in as Matt Risinger shows off the newest contemporary windows and other contemporary wares from Marvin at the 2016 International Builders Show in Las Vegas. Risinger details the newest and improved state-of-the-art contemporary products and ideas, like the Clad Ultimate Glider built with clad wood and aluminum on the outside, new casement Sizing of thirty six inches wide and 102-inch high awnings and picture units that are 80x120, more stylish contemporary paint and finish colors for the clad wood color pallet. Marvin also offers the Ultimate Multi- Slide Door and its brand new steel option has hit a PG-50 rating and an achievement with standard dual pane IG .28 you factor. We'll also get a look at the Ultrex Integrity window that has very durable fiber glass, acrylic cap stock and new black coloring on the outside. These products are an excellent option for all people looking to get that true contemporary design, whether it be indoor or outdoor, coastal or inland housing, Marvin's contemporary products will hold up with their stable design and give the perfect contemporary look.

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