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IBS 2016 - DuPont - High R Walls partnership with Owens Corning

At the Dupont booth at IBS, in this video, Matt Risinger talks with Mark LaLiberte regarding high R walls created by a partnership between DuPont and Owens Corning. Using Owens Corning Foamular 250, a 2" thick moisture resistant XPS insulation with an R-10 value. It is possible to get up to an R-30. Another product display in the booth features standard and deep recesses in windows. While the recessed windows are popular, the problem is that they are not being detailed correctly which will lead to failure. Layering must be correct, flashings applied and then a system has to be put in place rather than just a mix of different types of tape. Double-deep recessed windows are also gaining in popularity. Again, install mistakes are being made. It has to be built as a water-tight box. LaLiberte discusses the details that are often missed. Check out the video for insulation and recessed window tips.