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Home IBS 2015 - Science behind HouseWraps w/ Mark LaLiberte - DuPont Tyvek Booth
If you're building a house it's important to minimize the effects of water, moisture and air. In this video, master builder Matt Risinger interviews DuPont Tyvek's Mark LaLiberte at the Tyvek booth at a recent International Builders Show. Risinger discusses weather management and building durability with LaLiberte and how they relate to new innovations in housewraps. The management of water in the liquid state and vapor states represent the greatest risks to a building, To that end, Tyvek has created solutions that target a whole new category of building science with a goal of stopping liquid water from getting into the building assembly and air from moving through insulation. Should those things occur, it's important to see how Tyvek handles enabling the building system to dry out rapidly. LaLiberte and Risinger discuss three show-booth exhibits. The first demonstrate how Dupont Tyvek Drainwrap enhances system drainage capacity, allowing water to cascade away from the building via tiny channels in ridges built into the product and it's 95% efficiency rate. A second demonstration shows how Dupont Tyvek's housewrap characteristics deal with water, air, should abrasions occur at a building site and compare it with what happens with a standard perforated product in comparison. The third demo involves the use of Tyvek's Thermawrap R5.0, an all in one product with an insulating barrier combined with Tyvek that delivers weather resistance characteristics to ensure that wind, air and water are managed correctly. In the video, talk turns to a new app created by Tyvek to help make sure that correct installation methods are actually used at the job site. Available for use on IOS and Android platforms, the app explains the science and physics behind installation methods. Dubbed Construction Instruction, it uses animation to visually show how to perform certain aspects of construction so that the concepts are understood regardless of the native language of the worker. Make sure you're up to date on how to manage liquid water, vapor and air in your buildings and check out the Construction Instruction app that allows information to be shared on the job site, dramatically improving quality control," even when job-site language might typically get in the way.

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