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HVAC 2013 Update Presentation - Good Better Best for Southern US Homes .

This video contains a presentation Master Builder Matt Risinger gave at the AIA Austin 2013 Summer Convention. Throughout the presentation, you'll learn three keys for good HVAC design as well as specs for good, better, and best HVAC systems in the southern US. What will you take away from the video? The state of HVAC in 2013, problems that many people encounter, solutions for all houses, and the good/better/best specifications for HVAC.

We ask a lot of our HVAC systems. We want a system that will heat when it's cold, cool when it's hot, humidify when it's humid, bring in fresh air, filter the air, exhaust pollutants, and do all of this quietly and cheaply. That makes things complicated. In addition to all the "wants" of an HVAC system, you need to make sure it's efficient enough to complement high-efficiency homes. The best way to achieve your ideal HVAC system is to hire an engineer it for your remodel or new build. Also, specify metal trunks and plenums, and bring all of the ductwork inside the thermal envelope. Watch the full presentation to get the complete specs on good, better, and best systems.

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