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How to verify your HVAC system was installed correctly. .

When you install an HVAC system, whether in your own house or a client's, it's a good best practice to test the system when you're done with the install to ensure it is delivering as promised. In this video, Matt Risinger and his HVAC contractor are in house they're building to test if whether or not the vents are delivering the promised CFM levels—at least within a couple percentage points. This flow test uses a calibrated flow hood to measure air flows in exacting amounts. If the right level hasn't been achieved, the contractor can make adjustments like adding fan speed or dampering other rooms back to achieve proper balance. They discuss how many HVAC contractors don't always have this type of equipment, so they rely on duct sizing to tell the story, which isn't always accurate. Watch the video to learn how to prevent a "comfort complaint" months—or even years down the road after an HVAC install, and how to ensure you're getting the efficiency you design with an HVAC system.

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