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How to Replace Windows The RIGHT WAY .

On this episode of The Build Show, Matt Risinger shows you a window replacement job and introduces all the steps on how to pop out the old windows and replace with new ones that are both water tight and air tight. He discusses some efficient tips and products to use in order to make this process much easier on an installation that can sometimes be pretty tough. It's so difficult to introduce new flashing to a home while leaving older material underneath, especially if you're not starting from scratch or doing a total remodel. When you introduce peel and stick, it's going to be really hard to attach that to older material since its unlikely to adhere. Turns out there's a product that allows for older materials and newer to adhere much easier to one another with STPE. It retracts moisture from the air, and sticks to just about any material you can think of. Try to do an adhesion test to see if it'll work before you use it," and tune in for more tips!

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