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How to Install a Window with Exterior Insulation

Insulating windows from the outside comes with significant benefits such as lower energy bills through the winter months. In this video, Matt Risinger explores ThermalBuck insulation solutions along with company representative John Brooks. He aims to solve the problem of mounting windows with continuous insulation using exterior insulation and install the product for supreme window installation. ThermalBuck is available in different sizes and will assist in the maintenance of thermally breaking your mounting point, still providing you with continuous plane. Its water-proof coating makes it easy to flash and implementing this exterior insulation makes installing the window a simple task, with just a couple of cuts, a few screws, Dap Dyna Flex to seal the side, and a little extra time. It may add a few more steps but this video will walk you through the simple steps. Watch it now and learn more about ThermalBuck