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How to Finish Out a Project

Let's take a look at Jake's notebook. It's a closeout notebook for one of his completed projects and this book has changed the way clients feel about his company and their work.

What's inside?

A flash drive associated with the job including, every photo taken, every receipt (in this case, about 1,000 receipts), every lein waiver.
A business card.
A handwritten, customized thank you letter.
Copies of window orders and stickers.
Soil survey, original design for the septic.
All warranties.
A list of all paint types colors and which walls they were used on.

He also makes an entire copy of the book and keeps it in his office so he can field any questions that pop up from clients.

Jake also schedules visits at six months and a year to check around the house to taking care of anything that needs to be mended or if any issues might arise. It shows that his company stands by their product.

How do you close out projects?