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How to Control Noise with Green Glue - Install steps & tips .

Need to control noise? In this video, Matt Risinger, master builder, and Bill Blaylock of Concept Electronics discuss why they like Green Glue. Blaylock insists that it offers the best value for the money. Used between two layers of drywall, apply to the second piece of drywall in thick beads using a caulk gun, install to the first piece of drywall, and nail. Ultimately, what the green glue does is stop the sound vibration, turning the vibration into heat.Green Glue comes in calking format, or in a 5-gallon container and use a speed loader. The installation process includes putting the drywall up, caulking all of the seams. Green Glue is added to the seams and pushed into the seams while doing so to get the material in. The next step is to put the next layer of drywall down on the floor and add the Green Glue heavily and put it up against the first layer, nail it down. Outlets can also be handled so that they don't add to noise transfer and wrap it in putty to seal it. Air transfer between rooms will actually negate the benefits of the Green Glue. If you're looking to control noise, consider Green Glue.

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