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How To Build A Georgian Mantle .

Last week Brent introduced us to the Georgian Style of building. This week, he'll show us how to build a Georgian-style mantle. We'll look a the Tuscan Order, which does not have as much ornamentation as Brent will employ in his final piece, but gives us a good insight into the order and structure. Remember, this is a system built on scale and proportion.

The basic components are the beam that runs across and the column. The horizontal elements are what we're building in a mantle. Why? Because if we have a fire box, essentially a big dark hole, we're spanning that opening with a mantle that provides support. In this supporting element we've got three parts: the cornice, the frieze and the architrave (the supporting element). 

Learn more about the components of a Georgian mantle by watching the full video.

Hull Millwork

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