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How can an 1880's house meet current code? (Prescriptive vs Performance Paths)

Ever wonder how homes from the 1880's still make code? Matt Risinger gives a primer on the difference between performance-based codes and prescriptive based codes. Risinger tells us that meeting the codes of a house when clearly there are factors that don't meet the prescriptive codes. HE's specifically talking about the IECC, International Energy Conservation Codes. What's needed? Providing a statistic about what is going to happen to the house and doing the best you can to provide the data of the items staying in the house. Learn more about how a house gets modeled in an energy model program and the testing of the house. Some of these tests are based on the HVAC and the blower door test. Risinger will give us some good insight into how to meet codes of these old-fashioned houses.